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Short-term memory

Short-term memory is part of the system known as working memory - the mechanism by which we retain and manipulate information over short time intervals. Working memory is considered to be a fundamental cognitive process, required to perform many everyday tasks and closely correlated with intelligence.

Our research provides a fundamental challenge to conventional wisdom which considers visual working memory to be limited to a fixed number of items - just 3 or 4 - that are stored with every glimpse of the visual scene. Using precision of memory recall we have provided compelling evidence that visual working memory is not in fact ‘quantal’, but a limited resource that can be flexibly redistributed. With increasing number of items held in memory, however, the fidelity and resolution with which each object is stored declines.


You can find out more about our research on short-term / working memory and related topics, including application to patient populations, by downloading the articles below.


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