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Annika Kienast




I studied Psychology at the Technical University of Dresden from 2009-2015. During my studies, I worked as a student researcher in both the Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy at the Chair of Addiction Research, investigating the effects of cognitive control and volition in pathological gambling and smoking, and in the section of Systems Neuroscience, in a project looking at the dopaminergic modulation of cognitive control parameters and the shielding-shifting-dilemma. This latter project particularly caught my interest and I therefore chose to do my diploma thesis on the dopaminergic modulation of value-based decisions there. After graduation, I stayed with this group as a graduate researcher and continued my work on my diploma thesis' topic.

I joined Masud Husain's Cognitive Neurology group as a Research Coordinator in 2016. Here, I am involved in projects investigating decision-making, attention and impulsivity/apathy, and can pursue my interest in dopamine, impulsivity and decision-making in a more clinical area.



TELEPHONE:         +44 (0) 1865 618 634