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Apathy and Impulsivity

We study how people make decisions and how motivation affects decision-making. We also investigate how motivation and decision-making are disrupted in brain disorders such as Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, stroke and vascular dementia. 

Our research focuses on:

  • Apathy or lack of motivation

  • Impulsivity and risky decision-making

We're trying to understand the mechanisms underlying motivation and decision-making in healthy people and in patient groups. We're also performing research into treatments for disorders of motivation and decision-making.

Read a recent press release on our research on apathy

If you want to get involved or find out more about our research at Oxford University and the John Radcliffe Hospital, write to: 

Professor Masud Husain, Nuffield Dept Clinical Neurosciences, Level 6, West Wing, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford OX3 9DU



You can also find out more about our research by downloading the articles below. 



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